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Minimalistic design jewelry

This is a story of beauty, masters and endless passion. A tale in which unforgettable trips happen and mistakes lead to making amends. It talks about the sacrifices made on the road and day to day work. And all of this was how the line of Xabier Pelegrin began.

Would you like to know more? Stay.

How could I forget the summer my father welcomed me to his jewelry shop – and ultimately my future, although it was then unknown. It was a summer of hard work and pure satisfaction.You know the feeling you get when you try something new and that sweet aftertaste? I´m talking about a sheer delight; jewels, my new addiction. I wanted to know more, fast. I wanted to know everything there was to know about the world of jewelry.

That is when I applied for the school of EASO in San Sebastian, with the naive idea that after these two years, my life would fall into place. Genius!

I spent eight years working at my father’s studio and I yearned for more. I needed to expand my horizons and learn what was beyond these borders. So I packed my bags, took a plane and landed in Edinburgh on June 15 of 2014. Weeks full of searching and countless walks in the rain ensued. Passing storefronts and entering jewellers to be refused and leaving with the resounding “no thank you” circling my head. I thought I had been rejected more than I could ever endure but, I was soon to realise that these doors were being closed so others, better ones, could be opened.

I packed my bags again and moved on to the next city, Glasgow. After more knocking on doors, one finally opened and behind it was Kevan Scott. The award winning jeweller Kevin Scott, awarded jeweller in the 2005, 2009 and 2010 VOWS.

He took me under his wing. He became my mentor and inspiration. I would go as far as to say he became my friend, if it didn’t take away from the fact that he, like my father was a great master to me. I believe I truly learnt from the best.

I learnt new techniques that were far from new but were light years away from what you could ever learn from a text book. “A magician never reveals his tricks”. I finally came to learn what this meant, but Kevin taught me all of his. I learned to use new materials, new finishes and transformed them into art. With each new day, I was loving it more and more.

I could have stopped there and been satisfied but I didn’t want this to be my story. There was something inside of me, the same kind of feeling that consumed me the summer I spent with my father in his studio. It was time to go home.

Even though I knew I was returning to the same place I had left, I was not returned the same person that had gone a year and a half earlier. I returned home with more than a suitcase of clothes, I returned with an idea. An idea to create a line of minimalist jewellery. To create my own jewellery with character, with personality and with it’s own, new style.

10 years of hard work and long hours of study enabled me to release my inner essence. I felt so inspired to freshly create clean and unique lines that were made using the old school processes and techniques.

This was something that I wanted, and I made it happen. I would say that this is a story with a happy ending but the fact is that it has only just begun.